Convenient Ball Screw Stocking Program Available at Steinmeyer

Steinmeyer’s stocking program is designed
to help you save time – and money.

Gives you more
delivery flexibility.

How it works:

When you place your order, simply indicate you would like your ball screws to be delivered to the USA warehouse and held in storage until you are ready to accept them.


  • Have stock on hand, ready for immediate shipment.
  • Helps you realize a quantity discount.
  • Request partial releases for up to 12 months.
  • A small handling fee of 5% will be added, but no invoice until your release.
  • Spread out your delivery dates to better match your demand.

Contact us today for details.


Coronavirus Update for Steinmeyer Customers

We would like to inform you about the current situation at Steinmeyer:

  • Steinmeyer has taken all necessary measures to protect our employees from the Coronavirus. We also have taken all measures to ensure that we can maintain production.
  • The supply of raw materials is secure. There are no bottlenecks whatsoever in our supply chain and in addition, we have increased our stock levels.
  • Production continues and deliveries are made as planned.
  • Our delivery times remain as communicated at 6-8 weeks for Ball Screws > 16mm and 12-16 weeks for Ball Screws < 16mm
  • Our employees in sales and service are still at your disposal by phone or e-mail.
  • One immediate impact we are experiencing is a significant increase in air freight costs as well as some delays due to reduced freight capacities. Please ask your Steinmeyer representative for more details.

We currently do not expect to be affected by a plant closure.

The Steinmeyer team wishes you continued good health.

100 Years and Counting!

Steinmeyer is celebrating its
100 Year Anniversary!!!

2020 is a special year for Steinmeyer… a year that marks the one century milestone in our history. Since 1920, Steinmeyer has been a premiere German manufacturer of precision threaded linear components. Our signature product, precision ball screws, has been honed to perfection by world class engineers, and produced by dedicated craftspeople.

Over time we have been fortunate enough to work with many wonderful customers, and we look forward to continuing our partnerships with them. As we begin our second century, we also look forward to continuing our legacy of quality, precision and innovation.

Steinmeyer Miniature Ball Screws: Widest Size Selection in the Industry

We are very proud of our miniature screw product line. It features shaft diameters down to 3 mm, and pitch down to 0.5 mm. All of our screws are available with either cylindrical, threaded or flanged nuts, or a custom nut of your own design.

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Ball Screws for Aerospace Applications

Steinmeyer develops customized solutions for many applications in the aerospace industry. Here are brief overviews of the possibilities of Steinmeyer Aerospace:

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Miniature Ball Screws – Sample Inventory Available

Steinmeyer stocks a selection of our German-made, miniature ball screws in our US warehouse. These sample screws are available for immediate shipment.

This inventory is ideal for motion engineers needing quick delivery of ball screws for prototyping and testing. The samples span our entire diameter selection of 3mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 12mm, with a variety of pitches and lengths. Nut designs include threaded or cylindrical.


View Our Inventory List – updated 5/5/2020:
Steinmeyer Miniature Screw Inventory   
(Inventory is subject to change without notice)

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