Fabrication and Assembly of Precision Positioning Systems

Modern mechatronic systems consist of numerous precision components that must be assembled in complex configurations.  The professional assembly of these individual parts leads to a system that meets the highest demands on quality and performance.  Here, every detail counts.

We live precision

Our Steinmeyer Mechatronik divison has decades of experience in precision assembly.  We know that quality and precision can be “felt”.  Our highly qualified staff proves this every day.  All our products, whether simple linear rails or mulit-axis positioning systems, are manufactured carefully. We pay attention to every detail. Our high standards, monitored continuously through our vigorous quality systems, are shown in every Steinmeyer system.

As versatile as the application

In addition to producing our own line of precision stages, we offer fabrication and assembly services in a variety of applications.  These include medical devices, laboratory instrumentation, and semiconductor inspection.


Join us at BIOMEDevice 2017 – Booth 226

New England’s largest trade show dedicated to medical products is coming soon! The BIOMEDevice show will be taking place Wednesday, May 3 and Thursday, May 4 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. About 400 exhibitors are expected and more than 4,000 visitors. In partnership with the Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council (MassMEDIC), BIOMEDevice Boston is a powerful, end-to-end industry showcase. From contract manufacturing to components, this event promises to deliver a full spectrum of cutting-edge solutions to make faster, cheaper, and smarter medical products.

Steinmeyer invites you to visit booth 226 where you will see the latest innovations in ball screw technology. You will be able to view our premium miniature ball screw products and learn how these German made, high quality components can achieve your precision positioning needs. Our booth will be manned by engineers ready to discuss your latest application and field technical questions. We look forward to meeting you at the show and helping you find the best solutions to your medical device and laboratory equipment needs. To learn more about Steinmeyer ball screws for use in medical applications, visit our site.

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Case Study: optiSLITE Miniature Ball Screws for Smoother, Quieter Performance


An established company that engineers and manufacturers multi-axis stages was seeking smooth, quiet, long-lasting performance from its linear motion technology. The company’s engineers decided to perform a comprehensive test on identical stages between a regular ball screw from a large OEM and new optiSLITE ball screws from Steinmeyer.

This company’s precision, multi-axis stages are used for a variety of applications in optics, semiconductor, and other instrumentation fields. The stage selected for evaluation was an X-Y model with travel of 200mm.  Each axis is driven by ball screw with a shaft diameter of 12mm and pitch of 4mm.


Once the testing began, the differences between the two were immediate and dramatic. The stage with the optiSLITE screws felt more fluid, exhibited less vibration, and produced significantly reduced noise. The test engineers could immediately distinguish between the two, making the choice of the optiSLITE ball screws self-evident.

About optiSLITE technology:

Steinmeyer’s proprietary optiSLITE ball screws employs a “super finishing” process on the shaft raceway, which removes the largest irregularities left over from thread grinding. This improved surface quality results in noticeably smoother, quieter operation. Friction torque is also lowered, and made more consistent, resulting in enhanced servo performance. Finally, the lifetime of the screw may be increased by as much as 30% for certain applications.

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optiSLITE Miniature Ball Screws for Reduced Friction Torque

We are excited to introduce yet another innovation in our portfolio of precision screws – the optiSLITE miniature ball screw. These screws feature reduced friction torque and smoother running. The result is an even better positioning solution for applications in the semiconductor, optics, medical instrument, and metrology sectors.

optiSLITE ball screw shafts undergo a proprietary finishing process in their final step of fabrication. As you can see from these before and after SEM images, uring almost of the micron-sized defects on the raceway are removed. The result is a 40% reduction in friction torque!In turn this provides smoother running and enables greater servo accuracy.

optislite-vs-standard-screwoptiSLITE ball screws offer dynamic delivery of linear motion at high standards of precision and longevity, like all Steinmeyer products. The screws feature shaft diameters down to 5 mm and pitch down to 1 mm. They are available in all standard lengths and nut designs.

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Xi-Plus Precision Ball Screws – Our Smoothest Raceways Yet

Steinmeyer has a long history of delivering ball screw innovations that enable our customers to design the world’s finest linear motion systems. With our new line of Xi-Plus precision ball screws, we are continuing that tradition for industrial applications that require quiet operation.

Like all Steinmeyer products, the Xi-Plus line is expertly manufactured in Germany. The shafts undergo a proprietary finishing process that removes micron-sized defects on the raceway, creating our quietest and smoothest screws ever. Those defects are responsible for high pitched “whistling” and rough running characteristics. No more noisy ball screws – no more annoying vibrations!


Xi-Plus ball screws offer dynamic delivery of linear motion at high standards of precision and longevity, like all Steinmeyer products. These screws are available in shaft diameters between 16-125 mm and all nut styles.

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Customer Spotlight: Mold-Masters – Superior Melt Delivery and Control Systems

We are very pleased to share another Steinmeyer customer spotlight with you. This time, Product Development Manager of Mold-Masters, Martin Kestle, took the time to talk with us about how our ball screws are utilized in the innovative Mold-Masters E-Multi.

First, a little background on Mold-Masters; it is a world leading supplier of hot runner technology and systems. Acquired in 2013 by Milicron LLC, Mold-Masters was established in 1963. The company designs, manufactures, and supports a full range of hot runner products, including hot runner systems, hot halves, gating technologies, temperature controllers and auxiliary injection units.

Through steady technological innovation, Mold-Masters enables its customers to produce higher quality plastic parts faster, more reliably, and with greater cost efficiency. They do this by including only the highest quality components in their machines, such as Steinmeyer ball screws.

As mentioned earlier, the E-Multi, an all-electric auxiliary injection for 2-shot molding, uses Steinmeyer precision ball screws exclusively. Martin Kestle shared how he led the engineering effort behind the E-Multi product line himself, and that he selected Steinmeyer Ultra Thrust ball screws for the primary injection axis. He knew Steinmeyer’s engineering and precision manufacturing would deliver ball screws which exceeded the stringent performance and reliability expectations; it was an easy choice.

“The Steinmeyer ball screws used in our systems have gone above and beyond our expectations. Originally specified for a machine running at 100 mmps, the same screws are able to go up to 500 mmps with no failures.”

-Martin Kestle, Product Development Manger – Mold-Masters.

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New Line of Premium Ball Screws for Linear Actuators

Steinmeyer ground ball screws have served the demanding requirements of machine tool applications for years, delivering precision positioning under high loads and high duty cycles. For the first time, we are excited to introduce an extension of this product line that has been engineered for the low duty cycle application of linear actuators.

This line of premium ball screws not only reaches high thrust requirements, but also offers long service life, low maintenance, and unmatched reliability. Designers of linear actuators now have the option of specifying a premium ball screw from Steinmeyer.

The ball screws for actuators line includes a wide range of diameters, leads, and nut configurations. Like all Steinmeyer products, these screws have been meticulously designed and manufactured to deliver world-class performance – specifically engineered for linear actuator applications. We offer the widest size selection in the industry, with diameters up to 160 mm and pitches down to 0.5 mm. The screws features dynamic load capacity of up to 1,400 kN and may be specified up to 100% of DLC. Rolled versions are also available upon request for more economical solutions.

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