Looking for a Replacement Ball Screw in Your Machine?

Steinmeyer is a global leader in ball screw manufacturing.  Our focus is on the OEM market, which to us means anyone who makes as few as several machines per year to those that build and ship thousands.  We do not focus on machine rebuilders or end users.  We are often approached by end users seeking replacement ball screws for their machines – and our reply is often a polite “sorry, no, we cannot sell you a Steinmeyer ball screw”.  The reason is quite simple – almost all the ball screws we produce are custom, that is manufactured to someone’s drawing.  As such we do not own the design – our customers do.  We will never knowingly supply a custom ball screw to anyone other than the OEM unless at least one of the following conditions is true:
1. the OEM is no longer in business
2. the OEM has obsoleted the machine and no longer supports it
3. the end user obtains written permission from the OEM allowing us to sell direct to the end user
As for machine rebuilders, we are often asked “just make us a ball screw same as you do for company XYZ”.  Again we will never do that.

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