What is Steinmeyer Doing to Increase Capacity?

Most ball screws are used in machine tools and related products. Virtually each year that we have been producing ball screws (45+ years!) demand has increased.  And the last 2 to 3 years it was worse than ever. Why?  Several reasons:
1. generally robust business conditions for machine builders since the 2009 recession – the rebound exceeded everyone’s predictions
2. many of these machine builders reacted by placing large blanket orders for ball screws
3. in the past few years some ball screw manufacturers have gone out of business or substantially downsized their operation
4. earthquake in Japan earlier in 2011 disrupted the supply chain
Since 2009, Steinmeyer has continuously increased capacity through the purchase and installation of machinery, by hiring and training addtional personnel, and by adding shifts. We currently work 24/7 – that’s right, round the clock! The capacity increase we achieved from 2009 to 2010 exceeded anything we had done before. But still it wasn’t enough.  As is obvious, when capacity increases by X% and bookings increase by greater than X%, the effect on delivery time is negative not positive.  Nevertheless, we pride ourselves on being able to work with our customers to ensure we continue to satisfy their demands as closely as possible.  Steinmeyer has plans to expand our manufacturing plant again starting in spring 2012 – the last building addition occurred in 2007 and expanded capacity by 35%. We expect to complete this latest expansion by end of 2012 – just in time for the arrival of some machines we already ordered.

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