Lubricating Steinmeyer Ball Screws

There is certainly a wealth of information on lubrication on our web site – here is a link to the main page regarding oils and greases:

There are however two issues that should be emphasized:
1. unless otherwise specified on a customer drawing, all Steinmeyer ball screws are shipped with a nominal amount of lubricant on the shaft and, more important, inside the ball nut.  This is primarily for protecting the parts against corrosion during transit, and prior to actual installation.  Once the ball screw is installed, additional lubricant should be added to the nut – see our web site for specific amounts and types.
2. and speaking of “types” – be aware that despite what lubricant manufacturers claim, not all oils or greases are suitable for ball screws.  We specifically suggest seeking a lubricant that is designated as “designed for use in gear boxes” – in other words, it must have the correct additives to withstand the extreme pressures the balls experience during operation.  Machine builders often try to use a common lubricant for both guideways and ball screws.  If they choose the right one, that’s OK.  But if they just select “a way lube” thinking it will be OK for ball screws – it most likely is not – better check to be sure otherwise the lubricant will break down and the screw will wear out prematurely.

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