Combination Wipers

Proper functioning wipers are an essential element of any ball screw system. Their first job, of course, is to shield the contact surfaces from contamination. But some wipers may also serve as a lubricant reservoir, thereby lengthening service intervals. Fortunately, Steinmeyer offers the industry’s widest choice in wipers:

• Classic labyrinth seal
• Friction
• Felt ring
• Combination (friction and felt)
Combination wipers are plastic wipers with an additional felt wiper inside the ball nut. Felt is an excellent absorber of oil, so it acts as a reservoir. However, it must be protected from water or water based fluids. That is one function of the additional plastic wiper.
Combination wipers increase the nut length slightly, but offer numerous important advantages:
• Superior dual stage sealing
• Reduced maintenance
• Reduced oil consumption (75-90%)
• Refillable
• Choice of lubricant
These last two points are especially notable compared to oil-impregnated plastics, used as wipers by some of our competitors. These materials are often claimed to be maintenance-free. But the truth is that the oil eventually wicks out. With felt, you can easily refill during normal maintenance intervals. Plus, the choice of lubricant is yours.
At Steinmeyer, we are incorporating combination wipers more and more into our designs.

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