Customer Spotlight: Mundt & Associates – Revolutionary Laser Systems Technology

Founder of Mundt & Associates, Ron Mundt, recently took the time to speak with us about his company’s state-of-the-art laser systems and the key role that our ball screws play.

If you do not know Mundt & Associates, it is a worldwide leader in high-precision laser micro-machining. The company delivers customized systems for aerospace, military, medical, and other highly demanding applications.

Mundt is world renowned for crafting the highest performing laser machine tool systems, so it is paramount that it employs superior quality components. A precision ball screw is critical in delivering the laser positioning accuracy required for intricate cutting and scribing applications.

We are proud to say that Steinmeyer is Mundt’s leading supplier of ball screws. Every screw that we supply to Mundt is precisely engineered to achieve extreme positioning accuracy. We also stock their screws in our U.S. warehouse to support just-in-time manufacturing and short lead-times for delivering machines to Mundt global customers.

We know the amount of pride Mundt takes in delivering innovative laser systems and understand how important it is that they receive the highest quality ball screws.

“We continue to use Steinmeyer ball screws in our systems year after year because we know they are providing us with the highest quality ball screw available. We wouldn’t put anything less into our machines.”

‒ Ron Mundt, President – Mundt & Associates, Inc.

Contact a Steinmeyer engineer to learn more about Steinmeyer precision ball screws.

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