New Line of Premium Ball Screws for Linear Actuators

Steinmeyer ground ball screws have served the demanding requirements of machine tool applications for years, delivering precision positioning under high loads and high duty cycles. For the first time, we are excited to introduce an extension of this product line that has been engineered for the low duty cycle application of linear actuators.

This line of premium ball screws not only reaches high thrust requirements, but also offers long service life, low maintenance, and unmatched reliability. Designers of linear actuators now have the option of specifying a premium ball screw from Steinmeyer.

The ball screws for actuators line includes a wide range of diameters, leads, and nut configurations. Like all Steinmeyer products, these screws have been meticulously designed and manufactured to deliver world-class performance – specifically engineered for linear actuator applications. We offer the widest size selection in the industry, with diameters up to 160 mm and pitches down to 0.5 mm. The screws features dynamic load capacity of up to 1,400 kN and may be specified up to 100% of DLC. Rolled versions are also available upon request for more economical solutions.

Contact a Steinmeyer engineer to learn more about Steinmeyer premium ball screws.

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