Customer Spotlight: Mold-Masters – Superior Melt Delivery and Control Systems

We are very pleased to share another Steinmeyer customer spotlight with you. This time, Product Development Manager of Mold-Masters, Martin Kestle, took the time to talk with us about how our ball screws are utilized in the innovative Mold-Masters E-Multi.

First, a little background on Mold-Masters; it is a world leading supplier of hot runner technology and systems. Acquired in 2013 by Milicron LLC, Mold-Masters was established in 1963. The company designs, manufactures, and supports a full range of hot runner products, including hot runner systems, hot halves, gating technologies, temperature controllers and auxiliary injection units.

Through steady technological innovation, Mold-Masters enables its customers to produce higher quality plastic parts faster, more reliably, and with greater cost efficiency. They do this by including only the highest quality components in their machines, such as Steinmeyer ball screws.

As mentioned earlier, the E-Multi, an all-electric auxiliary injection for 2-shot molding, uses Steinmeyer precision ball screws exclusively. Martin Kestle shared how he led the engineering effort behind the E-Multi product line himself, and that he selected Steinmeyer Ultra Thrust ball screws for the primary injection axis. He knew Steinmeyer’s engineering and precision manufacturing would deliver ball screws which exceeded the stringent performance and reliability expectations; it was an easy choice.

“The Steinmeyer ball screws used in our systems have gone above and beyond our expectations. Originally specified for a machine running at 100 mmps, the same screws are able to go up to 500 mmps with no failures.”

-Martin Kestle, Product Development Manger – Mold-Masters.

Contact a Steinmeyer engineer to learn more about Steinmeyer precision ball screws.

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