Xi-Plus Precision Ball Screws – Our Smoothest Raceways Yet

Steinmeyer has a long history of delivering ball screw innovations that enable our customers to design the world’s finest linear motion systems. With our new line of Xi-Plus precision ball screws, we are continuing that tradition for industrial applications that require quiet operation.

Like all Steinmeyer products, the Xi-Plus line is expertly manufactured in Germany. The shafts undergo a proprietary finishing process that removes micron-sized defects on the raceway, creating our quietest and smoothest screws ever. Those defects are responsible for high pitched “whistling” and rough running characteristics. No more noisy ball screws – no more annoying vibrations!


Xi-Plus ball screws offer dynamic delivery of linear motion at high standards of precision and longevity, like all Steinmeyer products. These screws are available in shaft diameters between 16-125 mm and all nut styles.

Contact a Steinmeyer engineer to learn more about Steinmeyer premium ball screws.

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