optiSLITE Miniature Ball Screws for Reduced Friction Torque

We are excited to introduce yet another innovation in our portfolio of precision screws – the optiSLITE miniature ball screw. These screws feature reduced friction torque and smoother running. The result is an even better positioning solution for applications in the semiconductor, optics, medical instrument, and metrology sectors.

optiSLITE ball screw shafts undergo a proprietary finishing process in their final step of fabrication. As you can see from these before and after SEM images, uring almost of the micron-sized defects on the raceway are removed. The result is a 40% reduction in friction torque!In turn this provides smoother running and enables greater servo accuracy.

optislite-vs-standard-screwoptiSLITE ball screws offer dynamic delivery of linear motion at high standards of precision and longevity, like all Steinmeyer products. The screws feature shaft diameters down to 5 mm and pitch down to 1 mm. They are available in all standard lengths and nut designs.

Contact a Steinmeyer engineer to learn more about Steinmeyer premium ball screws.

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