Commitment to Quality: Part 1 – Hard Turning of Ball Nuts

The Steinmeyer name is known globally for commitment to quality and workmanship.  We have nearly 500 staff members at our headquarters focused on the design and production of the world’s finest ball screws.  In this series of posts, we explore how Steinmeyer’s quality commitment shapes the production process at every step. Let’s begin by highlighting a key technique — hard turning of ball nuts.

Steinmeyer through-hardens all nuts, and then performs final turning of the thread and pilot diameter in a single step.  Not only does this deliver exceptional integrity of the thread profiles, but also optimum alignment of the thread to the nut body.  The result is the smoothest running ball screw you can buy, thus delivering:

  • Higher efficiency and longer lifetime
  • Lower noise and vibration.

This is just one of the unique processes that positions Steinmeyer ball screws above the rest. In part 2 of this series, we’ll explore the advantages of Steinmeyer machined deflectors.

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