New Product Development: Improvement to Steinmeyer Wipers

Steinmeyer has recently introduced new wiper designs. We are already known for advanced wipers, but these changes drive the performance even higher.

The key upgrades include a single laser sintered piece that replaces the multi-piece metal housing in all combination wipers, and a new synthetic felt that takes the place of the natural felt.

Combination Wiper Update

Nuts with either track-to-track, liner, or Z deflectors with nominal diameters from 20 to 160 mm will now use single-piece laser-sintered sleeves. The wipers are fixed on both sides of the nut using special screws.

Nuts with external deflectors and nominal diameters from 32 to 100 mm will now use single piece laser-sintered sleeves. These are attached with a clamping element, which engages in the recess of the deflector.

Felt Update

The new synthetic felt, based on PUR ester, delivers a significant improvement in wiping with a simultaneous reduction of friction. This new material also has 5% better oil absorption capacity, resulting in improved lubricant supply. In addition, the previous method of attaching the wipers has been improved to better inhibit the formation of deposits.

For more detailed technical information:
Download the new data sheet on lubrication and wipers

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