US Subsidiary of Steinmeyer Has Moved

Did you know that Steinmeyer, a world-renowned German company, has a US subsidiary that is responsible for sales and customer service in North America? The company, “Steinmeyer, Inc.”, has moved to a new location. The larger space has enabled enhanced service offerings.

The new warehouse has 25% more capacity, allowing the company to broaden its convenient stocking program. This service provides customers who place blanket orders with the advantage of having stock on hand in the USA, ready for immediate shipment.

In another popular program, select sizes of miniature ball screws are stocked and available to engineers working on prototype development. The program has now been increased to offer a wider range of miniature screw sizes and nut types.

The expanded shipping and receiving area also features the ability to handle ball screws of any length. In addition, the loading dock can accommodate a larger range of truck sizes, accelerating the delivery process.

We invite all customers to visit the new facility in Woburn, Massachusetts anytime they are in the area. Please contact Bruce Gretz, Executive VP of Steinmeyer, Inc. at 781-273-6220 or

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