Steinmeyer Sponsors Medical Device Program

Engineers depend on Steinmeyer miniature ball screws for medical devices such as wearable pumps, orthotics, and more. Our quiet, smooth running screws provide precision linear motion critical for these life-changing instruments.

As part of our commitment to the medical device industry, Steinmeyer is sponsoring an educational program, presented by “Medical Device Group Boston” (MDG).

Please visit the Steinmeyer table to see the latest innovations in ball screw technology and view our German made, high quality miniature ball screws. Discover precise and reliable linear motion for medical devices and lab instruments!


Program Description:

Advances in Bionics and Medical Exoskeletons
January 16, 2019 – Regis College – Weston, MA

Come and see how much closer new technology is bringing patients to full limb utility!

Attractive artificial limbs with remarkable capabilities and natural motion are replacing the rigid prosthetics and hook-and-cable systems of yesteryear. The performance and capability of both exoskeletons and bionics have been markedly enhanced by technologies that sensitively and accurately interpret and respond to patient nerve signals and, in some recent research, send appropriate sensory signals back.

  • At this presentation, researchers Jesse Wheeler from Draper and Shriya Srinivasan from MIT will share some of their cutting-edge research in this area.
  • Paul Gudonis of Myomo and Christpher Nycz of WOI’s Automation and Interventional Medicine Laboratory will discuss the latest developments in rehabilitation robotics and their future visions for this field.
  • Christopher Morse from Ottobock will offer industry insight into what it takes to innovate in the advanced prosthetics space.


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