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Why Does Steinmeyer Rarely Make a Ball Screw by Cutting an Existing Shaft?

Some manufacturers of ground ball screws produce long threaded shafts in quantity and then cut them down as needed to make shorter units.  This is not our normal business model.  Steinmeyer will do that on very rare occasions to save some time but only if the quantity desired is one or two pieces, and of course provided the longer shaft is available.  Why? Continue reading

How much load can a ball screw carry?

There is enormous confusion about this subject. And granted, it is not easy. There are generally two figures given for a particular ball screw, the dynamic load capacity, and the static load capacity. Do they mean that you can put a load up to to the dynamic capacity on the ball screw wile it’s running, or a load up to the static capcity wile it’s not? No to both! Continue reading