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Ball Screw Load and Life Ratings

Seems there is still a lot of confusion on load and life ratings when it comes to ball screws.  Many people are familiar with the classic L10 life equation L10 = (Ca/P)^3 x 10^6 revolutions where Ca is the dynamic capacity in N and P is the mean applied axial load in N.  Recently we fielded several inquiries on applications where an engineer wanted to know whether s/he can apply a force equal to Ca and achieve 1 million revolutions of life.  Or even higher than Ca and achieve less than 1 million revolutions.  The basic answer is NO!  Here is why:

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How much load can a ball screw carry?

There is enormous confusion about this subject. And granted, it is not easy. There are generally two figures given for a particular ball screw, the dynamic load capacity, and the static load capacity. Do they mean that you can put a load up to to the dynamic capacity on the ball screw wile it’s running, or a load up to the static capcity wile it’s not? No to both! Continue reading