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Case Study: Pipetting Module Driven by Ground Ball Screw

A universal pipetting module reaches a new level of performance in this new Case Study.

You will learn how mechanical engineers at a major OEM increase system speed and flexibility to satisfy the demands of high-throughput customers.

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Steinmeyer is heading to BIOMEDevice in Boston – May 15-16

Visit booth 731 to speak with an engineer and view premium miniature ball screws

– German Made
– Diameters down to 3 mm
– Pitch down to 0.5 mm

Steinmeyer invites you to see the latest innovations in ball screw technology and view our German made, high quality miniature ball screw products. Come and discover precise and reliable linear motion for medical devices and lab instruments! Like all Steinmeyer products, our high quality miniature precision ball screws offer dynamic delivery of linear motion at high standards of precision and longevity.

Steinmeyer engineers can advise you on best suited standard or customized solutions that will support your most demanding designs. As an added value, we also offer products from our Steinmeyer Mechatronik division which specializes in custom linear modules from design to assembly.

Our booth will be manned by engineers ready to discuss your linear motion applications.

Be Our Guest!

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Case Study: Wearable Pumps Driven by Ball Screws

Ball Screws are Enabling the Next Generation
of Cardiovascular Assist Devices

In this Case Study you will learn how a novel, ball screw driven pump made life-changing, ambulatory therapy possible for cardiovascular patients. Read how mechanical engineers utilized smooth running and quiet miniature ball screws from Steinmeyer to satisfy the demanding requirements of this medical advancement. The challenges included:

  • Precise control of pressure
  • Light weight and compact
  • Quiet

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Steinmeyer Sponsors Medical Device Program

Engineers depend on Steinmeyer miniature ball screws for medical devices such as wearable pumps, orthotics, and more. Our quiet, smooth running screws provide precision linear motion critical for these life-changing instruments.

As part of our commitment to the medical device industry, Steinmeyer is sponsoring an educational program, presented by “Medical Device Group Boston” (MDG).

Please visit the Steinmeyer table to see the latest innovations in ball screw technology and view our German made, high quality miniature ball screws. Discover precise and reliable linear motion for medical devices and lab instruments!


Program Description:

Advances in Bionics and Medical Exoskeletons
January 16, 2019 – Regis College – Weston, MA

Come and see how much closer new technology is bringing patients to full limb utility!

Attractive artificial limbs with remarkable capabilities and natural motion are replacing the rigid prosthetics and hook-and-cable systems of yesteryear. The performance and capability of both exoskeletons and bionics have been markedly enhanced by technologies that sensitively and accurately interpret and respond to patient nerve signals and, in some recent research, send appropriate sensory signals back.

  • At this presentation, researchers Jesse Wheeler from Draper and Shriya Srinivasan from MIT will share some of their cutting-edge research in this area.
  • Paul Gudonis of Myomo and Christpher Nycz of WOI’s Automation and Interventional Medicine Laboratory will discuss the latest developments in rehabilitation robotics and their future visions for this field.
  • Christopher Morse from Ottobock will offer industry insight into what it takes to innovate in the advanced prosthetics space.


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Miniature Ball Screws – In Stock Now!

Steinmeyer announces the expansion of its program that stocks a selection of our German made, miniature ball screws in our US warehouse. Now there’s even more to choose from – and they’re available for immediate shipment!

Obtaining a Steinmeyer miniature ball screw is faster and easier than ever! This program is ideal for engineers needing miniature ball screws for early-stage development of precision machines, instruments and devices.

  • Stock consists of diameter selections of 3mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 12mm, with a variety of pitches and lengths.
  • Nut designs include threaded or cylindrical.

We want to make it as easy as possible for engineers to get their hands on a Steinmeyer miniature ball screw. Once you feel the quality and workmanship, we are confident that you will be customers for a long time!

Please contact us for a complete inventory list.

See our catalog for extensive information on the wide range of options available by special order:
Miniature Ball Screw Catalog

US Subsidiary of Steinmeyer Has Moved

Did you know that Steinmeyer, a world-renowned German company, has a US subsidiary that is responsible for sales and customer service in North America? The company, “Steinmeyer, Inc.”, has moved to a new location. The larger space has enabled enhanced service offerings.

The new warehouse has 25% more capacity, allowing the company to broaden its convenient stocking program. This service provides customers who place blanket orders with the advantage of having stock on hand in the USA, ready for immediate shipment.

In another popular program, select sizes of miniature ball screws are stocked and available to engineers working on prototype development. The program has now been increased to offer a wider range of miniature screw sizes and nut types.

The expanded shipping and receiving area also features the ability to handle ball screws of any length. In addition, the loading dock can accommodate a larger range of truck sizes, accelerating the delivery process.

We invite all customers to visit the new facility in Woburn, Massachusetts anytime they are in the area. Please contact Bruce Gretz, Executive VP of Steinmeyer, Inc. at 781-273-6220 or

Custom Linear Mechanisms: Sliding axes for the adjustment of two optics

Modern mechatronic systems consist of numerous precision components that must be assembled in complex configurations. Here, every detail counts. Steinmeyer Mechatronik, a division of August Steinmeyer GmbH, offers design and assembly of custom linear mechanisms for precision positioning systems for a variety of demanding applications. We have deep experience in medical devices, laboratory instrumentation, optical inspection & semiconductor positioning. Our engineers can implement your finished design or optimize your concept.

Example:  Precision Zoom Unit

Sliding axes for the adjustment of two optics

A customer came to us with a challenge. Two lenses must be precisely positioned both absolutely and relative to each other. Since the unit is exposed to stray radiation, lubrication must withstand these conditions for the long term. The basic solution consists of two sliding axes on a common guide system. Two moving sliding carriages have three carriages each, which allows them to move partially within each other to bring the lenses together as closely as possible. Each drive mechanism consists of a precision ball screw and a direct current motor with a rotary encoder. The motor encoder assembly is designed to be interchangeable for easy maintenance.

Designed for extremely dry environments

By choosing a PFPE-based lubricant and a special surface coating, the requirements for clean room compatibility and UV resistance were met. All accuracy-relevant parameters are verified by a measuring station after installation. This measuring station is located in the clean room and records accuracy, repeat accuracy, straightness, evenness and current consumption. Additional tests are performed to ensure minimum clearance in the bearing and smooth running of the drive system.

Steinmeyer has decades of experience in precision assembly. All of our systems, whether single or multi-axis, are manufactured carefully. Our high standards, monitored continuously through vigorous quality systems, are evident in every assembly we produce. We pay attention to every detail.

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