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Ball Screws for Aerospace Applications

Steinmeyer develops customized solutions for many applications in the aerospace industry. Here are brief overviews of the possibilities of Steinmeyer Aerospace:


For actuators in various flap applications, Steinmeyer offers a wide range of ball screw drives. Our designs are already proven in volume production over many years and have a variety of features. These include specific solutions with spherical and gimbal suspension as well as modular systems.

Actuators for Braking Systems

In the field of ball screw drives for brake actuators, Steinmeyer has already implemented several products. The focus here is the development of specific solutions with extremely high load capacity, optimized solutions with minimized installation space, as well as customer-specific designs.

Electromechanical Actuators

For various other actuators in aviation applications, Steinmeyer draws on a broad spectrum of cost-optimized products. These include various applications such as solutions for air-conditioning and door actuators.

Aerospace | Unmanned Air Vehicles

Steinmeyer is a reliable partner in the field of space travel. We offer titanium versions in the for space travel and ball screw drives for the control of fins on missiles and unmanned air vehicles.

Steinmeyer Aerospace Possibilities

Production of existing programs according to existing designs. Short-term realization of your needs.
Reliable partner in developing, designing, and manufacturing according to your specifications.
Engineering Services
Design and development of aerospace ball screw drives.
Assistance with the aerospace qualification process.

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Ball Screws: Explaining Load Capacity

Many engineers are confused about this topic, especially if they don’t work frequently with ball screws.  So let’s take a moment to explain the terminology.

There are generally two load capacities given for a particular ball screw: Dynamic and Static.

Dynamic Load Capacity

The dynamic load capacity (DLC) is simply a load rating.  It’s the load for a (theoretical) life of 1 million revolutions (ISO/JIS standard) or for 1 million inches of travel (ANSI standard).  The DLC is critical for making lifetime calculations, since the expected life goes as the cube of the ratio of DLC to actual load.  So, if the load is only 10% of DLC, then the expected life is 1 billion revolutions.

But that still doesn’t mean you could run the screw with this kind of load and expect a to achieve that life!  Why?  The normal maximum operating load of a general use ball screw is about 30% of the DLC.  (Above that, the elastic deformation of the balls and races is too large, which may cause excessive wear.) So, if you run a ball screw with a load equal to its DLC, you may not get as much life as you expect.

Static Load Capacity

The static load capacity (SLC) indicates the load above which the screw may be damaged.  Staying below SLC ensures that balls and races don’t suffer brinelling (or plastic deformation).  This is critical!  But bear in mind that a ball screw may be damaged in other ways with loading below the SLC: you could easily tear off the flange of the nut, snap the bearing or drive journal of the screw, or even collapse it from exceeding the buckling load.

Please consult a Steinmeyer engineer for an assessment of your application.


Miniature Ball Screws – Sample Inventory Available

Steinmeyer stocks a selection of our German-made, miniature ball screws in our US warehouse. These sample screws are available for immediate shipment.

This inventory is ideal for motion engineers needing quick delivery of ball screws for prototyping and testing. The samples span our entire diameter selection of 3mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 12mm, with a variety of pitches and lengths. Nut designs include threaded or cylindrical.

Download Sample Inventory List:
*Inventory is subject to change without notice.
Steinmeyer Miniature Screw Inventory

See our website for detailed specifications on the wide range of standard options available.
Miniature Ball Screws

Please contact us for more information or custom solutions:

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Case Study: Multi-Axis Motion Challenge – Solved by Innovative Ball Screw Design

A major global player in semiconductor lithography approached Steinmeyer to design the motion system for a new masking machine. The requirements for speed and precision were extremely demanding.

In this case study, learn how Steinmeyer used its full capabilities to meet this challenge. We designed and assembled an innovative, multi-axis system, driven by ground, stainless steel ball screws.

Download Case Study:

Case Study – Custom Motion System_Semiconductor_STA