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See Us at BIOMEDevice in Boston – September 21-22, 2021 – Booth 644

View Premium Miniature Ball ScrewsConsult with a Steinmeyer Engineer

Ideal for Medical Device and Lab Instrument Applications:

  • German Made
  • Diameters down to 3 mm
  • Pitch down to 0.5 mm
  • Rolled Screws and Lead Screws Available

Steinmeyer invites you to see the latest innovations in ball screw technology and view our German made, high quality miniature ball screw products. Come and discover precise and reliable linear motion for medical devices and lab instruments! Like all Steinmeyer products, our high quality miniature precision ball screws offer dynamic delivery of linear motion at high standards of precision and longevity.

In addition to our precision ball screws, we offer high quality rolled screws down to 8 mm diameter, as well as ground threaded lead screws.

Steinmeyer engineers can advise you on best suited standard or customized solutions that will support your most demanding designs.

Our booth will be manned by engineers ready to discuss your linear motion applications.

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Steinmeyer Miniature Ball Screws: Medical and Lab Applications

As Germany’s leading manufacturer of miniature ball screws, Steinmeyer is proud to support many of the world’s most demanding and innovative manufacturers of medical devices and lab equipment.

Optimal Solution for the Medical Sector

The inherently smooth, precise and optimized running behaviors of our zero backlash ball screws have proven ideal for use in beam masking, biomechanics, and innovative pumps for respiratory and cardiovascular support systems.

Reliability testing, enhanced quality standards, materials traceability certs and supportive documentation for regulatory requirements can be provided.

Utilized for Lab Equipment / Pipetting / Micro-Dispensing / Medical Research

Servo-controlled linear axes are an important component of high throughput automated systems. Ball Screws enable a wider range of speeds, repeatability and accuracies.

Project examples: Multi axes stages, chemical analysis, optical focusing, cellular targeting & membrane penetration and micro-fluidic systems.

Steinmeyer Offers a Wide Range of Miniature Ball Screws:

Miniature Ground Ball Screws

  • 3 – 16 mm diameter
  • All sizes available in three nut styles: flanged, threaded, and cylindrical
  • Nut body (pilot) diameters as small as 7 mm

Miniature Rolled Ball Screws

  • 8 – 16 mm diameter
  • Same nut quality and style selection as our ground screws!
  • Choose fully assembled or stock lengths

Explore Steinmeyer miniature ball screw options and technical information

Steinmeyer Precision Ball Screws Deliver Performance in Wide Range of Actuator Applications

Explore Our Ball Screws for Miniature Actuators, Electric Cylinders, Machine Slides, and Heavy Duty Equipment.

Steinmeyer features a wide product line, including great solutions for actuation. Steinmeyer ball screws provide the ideal link between the motor and load for applications ranging from general industrial automation to high precision.

We offer precision ball screws in both rolled and ground executions to serve a wide range of linear actuation applications. All of our screws provide long life, high reliability, and minimal maintenance in the smallest possible envelope.

Our ball screws can be customized to suit any bearing and drive configuration, including specialized ball returns with high lead/diameter ratios for high speed applications.

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