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Why Can’t I Just Buy a Shaft and nut from you Guys and Machine the Ends Myself?

At least once a week we get such an inquiry – someone looking for a ball nut and separate shaft long enough so they can cut it and machine the journals themselves, usually thinking this will significantly reduce lead time.  And of course, compared to buying a completely custom ball screw, it may just do that.  There are several reasons why we do not offer separate shafts and ball nuts, or complete ball screw assemblies with unfinished ends.  Continue reading

Why Does Steinmeyer Rarely Make a Ball Screw by Cutting an Existing Shaft?

Some manufacturers of ground ball screws produce long threaded shafts in quantity and then cut them down as needed to make shorter units.  This is not our normal business model.  Steinmeyer will do that on very rare occasions to save some time but only if the quantity desired is one or two pieces, and of course provided the longer shaft is available.  Why? Continue reading