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Newest Factory Expansion Almost Completed

In 2006, the purchase of about 20,000 sq.m. of land marked the beginning of a new era for Steinmeyer. The first large production building expansion was completed in 2007 offering ample space for more machines and other equipment. It is connected to the existing factory building by two indoor pull-through loading/unloading positions with a 20 ton bridge crane.

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Why are Ball Screw Deliveries so Long?

Steinmeyer manufactures more than 250,000 ground ball screws per year – or close to 5,000 per week.  We are often asked what some may consider a pretty simple question -“how long does it take to actually manufacture a ball screw?”  The reason we think this question is not so simple is because there are several issues to consider: machining time, assembly time, inspection time, machine maintenance time and the usual culprit for delays – production scheduling.  Continue reading