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Company Values

Steinmeyer is recognized worldwide as an elite supplier of premium engineered products. The company enjoys a century of designing and manufacturing precision tools and components in Germany. Throughout its long history, Steinmeyer has been family owned, operating under the leadership of the Beck family since 1940.

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Newest Factory Expansion Almost Completed

In 2006, the purchase of about 20,000 sq.m. of land marked the beginning of a new era for Steinmeyer. The first large production building expansion was completed in 2007 offering ample space for more machines and other equipment. It is connected to the existing factory building by two indoor pull-through loading/unloading positions with a 20 ton bridge crane.

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What is Steinmeyer Doing to Increase Capacity?

Most ball screws are used in machine tools and related products. Virtually each year that we have been producing ball screws (45+ years!) demand has increased.  And the last 2 to 3 years it was worse than ever. Why?  Several reasons:
1. generally robust business conditions for machine builders since the 2009 recession – the rebound exceeded everyone’s predictions Continue reading