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Company Values

Steinmeyer is recognized worldwide as an elite supplier of premium engineered products. The company enjoys a century of designing and manufacturing precision tools and components in Germany. Throughout its long history, Steinmeyer has been family owned, operating under the leadership of the Beck family since 1940.

Ball screws have been the company’s primary product line for decades, and the Steinmeyer brand embodies precision and quality. It also reflects a strong dedication to helping customers achieve engineering excellence.

Steinmeyer’s leadership is personally engaged in each customer’s success, and is uniquely qualified to deliver a product that meets exacting standards without compromise on quality, durability, and precision.

Steinmeyer has continually invested in manufacturing capacity and technology, maintaining the most advanced facilities in the world. Global service and support provides customers with access to the technical resources to guide their requirements.

Steinmeyer’s commitment to financial stability ensures that the company has the proper resources to invest in its facility and personnel without passing along costs to the customer.

All of these qualities have allowed Steinmeyer to successfully serve the most prominent customers in our target industries.

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Focusing on our Core Competences

Steinmeyer is a unique group of three companies with individual competences that enable us to provide world class products for our customers. The dominant entity, Steinmeyer GmbH, is a premier manufacturer of precision ground and rolled ball screws. Steinmeyer began as a precision machine shop and manufactured some of the earliest micrometers and other measuring devices. This technology led us to the refinement of miniature ball screws which we have been producing for over 50 years, since the early 60’s. Utilizing an impressive array of ball deflectors, Steinmeyer is today able to provide the widest range of sizes and pitches – from an incredibly tiny 3 mm diameter with 0.5 mm pitch to 160 mm diameter with 40 mm pitch. And our ETA+ technology offers enhanced performance virtually eliminating following error in an axis. Our facility in Dresden, Steinmeyer Mechatronik, has core competence in optics, mechanics, and electronics – enabling a product line of precision stages, both linear and rotary. Driven by application specific motors, be it stepper, dc servo, linear or piezo, Steinmeyer stages are characterized by extremely small linear run-out values and very compact packaging, often including controllers. The Feinmess Suhl division today manufactures a complete line of precision micrometers and other gauging devices. Our focus on every product is high precision, combined with application suitability and impressive aesthetics.

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Newest Factory Expansion Almost Completed

In 2006, the purchase of about 20,000 sq.m. of land marked the beginning of a new era for Steinmeyer. The first large production building expansion was completed in 2007 offering ample space for more machines and other equipment. It is connected to the existing factory building by two indoor pull-through loading/unloading positions with a 20 ton bridge crane.

Earlier in 2012 an extension of that building was started and is now almost completed. Already included in the planning of the 2007 building this latest expanion seamlessly adds another 2,240 sq.m. of floor space. The same modern and energy efficient concept is used.

Additional production equipment and further improvement of material flow will help us cope with the increased demand and should result in reduced lead times.  Check our web site home page for photos of this latest Steinmeyer expansion!

Lead Times are Coming Down

OK – we know – ball screw lead times have been pretty long for some time, and with good reason (see previous blog).  But have faith – Steinmeyer has been working on it and our efforts are starting to bear fruit.  For quite some time we have been continually adding new machines and streamlining operations.  And just recently we broke ground for the latest facility addition which will add another 23,000 sq ft of manufacturing (about 18%).  Lead times have started to come down and we expect further reductions in the coming months.  So this is a good time to check with us on any new programs you may have, as well as placing new blanket orders!

What is Steinmeyer Doing to Increase Capacity?

Most ball screws are used in machine tools and related products. Virtually each year that we have been producing ball screws (45+ years!) demand has increased.  And the last 2 to 3 years it was worse than ever. Why?  Several reasons:
1. generally robust business conditions for machine builders since the 2009 recession – the rebound exceeded everyone’s predictions Continue reading