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Combination Wipers

Proper functioning wipers are an essential element of any ball screw system. Their first job, of course, is to shield the contact surfaces from contamination. But some wipers may also serve as a lubricant reservoir, thereby lengthening service intervals. Fortunately, Steinmeyer offers the industry’s widest choice in wipers:

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Lubricating Miniature Ball Screws

A question that often comes up for miniature ball screws – how do I lubricate it if there is no port on the ball nut?  Good question!  If you check our web site there is quite a lot of detailed information on lubricant types and wiper types, including precise amounts to use when re-lubricating:

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Wipers that don’t wipe?

Wipers wipe – right? Well, not always. As a matter of fact, many ball screws that come with “wipers” at both ends of the nut have plastic rings that don’t touch the screw surface. So they don’t wipe. They just reduce the gap between nut and screw shaft to a few tenths of a mm. And that’s ok, because most ball screws that are used in machine tools will be connected to an automatic oil (or liquid grease) supply, and the used lubricant must get out of the nut, somehow. Offering it a constant small gap means there will be controlled flushing, and that’s good – for most applications.
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